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Risk Management

Made Easy

Are you enduring volatile input costs?
Spotlock helps you monitor and manage
your exposure to raw materials.

It's Time to Step Up Your Game

Spotlock empowers your organization with advanced tools to manage material exposure and execute complex hedging strategies effortlessly. Elevate your risk management practices with our powerful platform.

Significantly Mitigate Your Risk of Material Loss

Gain peace of mind knowing your business is protected against volatile market swings, ensuring stable operations and safeguarding your profitability.

Monitor Exposures
Complex Strategies

Seamlessly Execute Advanced Hedging Strategies and Leverage Your Market Position

Aligning financial objectives with procurement constraints can be challenging. Spotlock simplifies this process by creating a unified language for your material hedging needs, making complex strategies easy to implement.

Stand Out with Fixed-Price Long-Term Offers for Your Customers

In times of rising inflation and uncertainty, customers seek stability in managing procurement risks. With Spotlock, you can confidently offer fixed-price long-term contracts, providing the reliability your customers need. Calculate any deal for any term with ease and outshine the competition.

Spotlock risk management platform
Future Orders

Integrate Your Business Functions for Optimal Commodity Risk Management

Optimize strategies and hedging routes to balance risky exposures, tailored specifically to your products and needs. Align all business functions around a cohesive approach to commodity risk.

Achieve Complete Transparency Over Your Material Exposure

Industries We Serve


Construction & Infrastructure

Metal Service Centers

Service Centers & Distributers


Manufacturing & Fabrication



Energy & Transportation

VP Procurement, Equipment Manufacturer

"We used to be at the market's mercy, middled between powerful suppliers and demanding customers. This solution changes the game for us."

How It Works

Under The Bridge



Map and monitor your material exposures in inventory, customer contracts, and supplier commitments. Gain a detailed overview of your exposure by raw material type for better decision-making.



Establish a company-wide risk policy to ensure your entire team is aligned with the best strategies for managing commodity risk. Equip them with the right tools to effectively implement these strategies.



Reduce your risks with optimized operational and financial hedging strategies. Seamlessly execute and monitor these strategies to gain peace of mind and ensure stability.

Enjoy a full suite of tools

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Inventory Value

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End-client collateral management

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Trading Desk

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Hedge Accounting Treatment

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Framework Agreement Pricing and Monitoring

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Global Price Intelligence 

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