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Our Mission

At Spotlock, our mission is to enhance financial stability of real businesses across the supply chain, from end-users to suppliers and manufacturers. We democratize access to advanced commodity risk management tools, enabling businesses of all sizes to engage in long-term strategic pricing while minimizing risk. Our commitment is to foster a resilient and predictable market environment for everyone.

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The Story Behind Spotlock

Spotlock was born out of a real-world challenge faced by one of our founders. Experiencing firsthand the volatility of commodity prices, his construction projects suffered significant losses due to unforeseen fluctuations in steel prices. This event led to the pivotal question: How are companies currently managing commodity risk, and could there be a better way?

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Upon exploring the market, it became clear that offering fixed prices to end-clients was rare across many industries, with hedging practices typically reserved for large corporations that could afford specialized in-house teams. Diving deeper, the difficulty and complexity of using financial markets for hedging became apparent. 

The challenge wasn't just knowing one’s exposure; it involved understanding the intricate correlation between procured products and financial derivatives, and accessing and navigating the trading landscape. Moreover, successfully hedging often requires coordination across sales, procurement, finance, and trading desks—a daunting task without good tools.

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Empowering Real Businesses Through Innovation

Spotlock gathered a world-class team of finance, risk management, commodities trading, and technology experts. The aim, bold and straightforward, was to make the complexities of commodity risk monitoring and management accessible and manageable for businesses of all sizes.

The Spotlock platform simplifies commodity risk hedging, starting with a comprehensive analysis of company practices, product data and risk preferences to accurately assess risk exposure. Armed with this knowledge, Spotolok develops customized strategies to mitigate or eliminate risks, utilizing everything from operational adjustments to sophisticated derivatives, all tailored to meet each client's specific needs and risk tolerance.

Spotlock is at the forefront of risk management innovation, transforming the way businesses guard against the unpredictable nature of commodity markets. We equip our clients with the necessary knowledge, tools, and strategies to confidently tackle market volatility, empowering them to focus on what they do best: growing their business.

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Join us - As we continue to pioneer new ways to secure financial stability in the supply chain, Spotlock invites you to become part of a future where market fluctuations are transformed into opportunities for growth.

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