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Turn Future Fixed Pricing

into Your

Strategic Advantage

With Spotlock, Metal Service Centers Can Master Risk-Free Future Pricing to Increase Margins and Supercharge Sales

Spotlock Management Dashboard

Spotlock is a powerful point-and-click platform empowering your organization to provide risk-free long-term fixed offers to your clients, secure your margins, and manage your commodity risk



Boost Sales

Meeting growing customer demand for fixed pricing drives sales and builds customer loyalty

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Minimize Risk

Stabilize costs and revenue through hedged future orders, reducing risk and enhancing your business’s resilience

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Increase Margins

Capitalize on premium pricing and financial markets discounts to enhance profitability

Discover How Spotlock Delivers These Benefits to Your Business

 Spotlock handles everything needed to fix future prices for end-customers

Ensuring commodity risk is constantly monitored and minimized

Commodity risk, monitored.

Continuously tracking your commodity risk across products and corporate levels

Manage Risk
Monitor Exposure

Optimize and balance

Optimizing the best strategies and hedging routes to balance risky exposures tailored to your specific products and needs

Drive collaboration

Facilitating your sales by automating future price quotes tied to financial markets, enabling hedging to protect your margins

Align Business Functions

And Much More… 

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Inventory Value

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End-client collateral management

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Trading Desk

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Hedge Accounting Treatment

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Framework Agreement Pricing and Monitoring

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Global Price Intelligence 

Industries We Serve


Construction & Infrastructure

Metal Service Centers

Service Centers & Distributers


Manufacturing & Fabrication



Energy & Transportation

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